The Ultimate Frozen Chocolate Mudslide

Are you guys deep into winter where you’re from?  We just got over some seriously record-breaking cold temperatures, it’s going to be in the 50’s here soon, and by the weekend… a huge snow storm.  I swear Ohio has issues!  But just because it’s cold, that doesn’t stop me from craving some ice cream.  Or rather, a boozy milkshake, like this chocolate mudslide!

Traditionally mudslides are made with 3 types of alcohol (vodka, baileys, and kahlua), and vanilla ice cream.  And they are delicious!  But I wanted to really UP the chocolate factor here… so I went with a chocolate flavored vodka, kept the baileys and kahlua, added creme de cacao, and used chocolate ice cream!

And let me just tell you, it is freakin’ amazing!!  I will warn you… these could be dangerous.  Like my Boozy Baileys Oreo Shakes, they taste so good and so smooth, you’ll just keep sipping away, and eventually those alcohols will catch up to you 😉

That being said, if you stick to just one, these aren’t going to get you smashed.  They’re not what you want to drink to feel a buzz… but more of a fun drink.  An adult way to enjoy a childhood classic chocolate milkshake.  Go ahead and add a cherry or two on top!


  • 1 1/2 oz chocolate vodka (vanilla or even plain vodka will work as well)
  • 1 1/2 oz irish cream
  • 1 1/2 oz kahlua
  • 1 oz creme de cacao
  • 48 oz chocolate ice cream
  • chocolate syrup
  • chocolate sprinkles
  • grated chocolate
  • mini chocolate chips


  1. To a large blender, add chocolate vodka, Irish cream, Kahlua, creme de cacao and chocolate ice cream.  Cover and blend well.  You may need to scrape the sides of your blender halfway through, then continue blending.
  2. ...................................

for full instruction please see : www.the5oclockchef.com

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